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Breakfast for School Children

Following the devastation and severe flooding caused by Hurricane Mitch in 1998 some members of St. Mark's began traveling with a local medical assistance team to several small mountain towns in southern Honduras. Ojo de Agua was one of those towns and one of St. Mark's parishioners who spent several weeks there was moved by the spirit to organize a St Mark's supported program to funding daily breakfasts for a small preschool on Ojo. Over the years, St mark's has continued to provide funding for daily breakfast which, is many cases, is the most nutritious meal those children receive on those days. In addition, various capital improvements to the preschool facilities have also been funded by St Mark's over the years. Current enrollment is approximately 100 children. This program is administered through annual visits to Honduras by St Mark's missionaries with help from an in-country SAMS missionary.


Manos de Dios

Manos de Dios is also an outgrowth of the various medical support teams that began visiting Honduras in the years following hurricane Mitch. Much of the support for the medical teams came from local churches and several churches in this diocese banded together to form a group to provide other kinds of support to the Danli area of Honduras. What began only as medical assistance grew into the purchase of some property, building and Episcopal church in Danli, various self supporting Honduras run micro industries, and several educational programs too extensive to outline here, not only in Danli, but also in various other poor mountain villagesl. Among the most successful of those programs is funding for scholarships to enable underprivileged children to complete their middle and high school educations and continue to college. This in a country where the average educational level is only the 3rd grade. These programs are administered through annual 15 - 20 person team visits in January of each year.

Manos de Dios 2020 Annual Report


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